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Packaged Dosing System For Liquid

  • Dosing Skid



Product Description


Ligao Dosing System is customized system that is ready mounted and ready for use. The standard system is with dosing pumps, piping,storage tank, and other instruments required. The system is usually supplied with a platform skid , somtimes with a ladder. All these dosing skids are designed responding to individual needs and configured in-house. We have gained a lot of experience on packaged dosing system design and manufacturering.

Features and Benfits:

1. All systems are mounted on the skid, easy and simple for installation.

2.Compact design,minimal space required.

3. Control cabinet can achieve local manual adjustment and automatic dosing. All the electrical, instrumentation are concentrated in the electrical cabinet assembly, compact, safe and convenient operation.

4.Easy operation, easy maintenance..

5.Accurate and steable dosing with wide dosing range.

Common Applications of Packaged Dosing System:

1. Oil field dosing system:Mainly used in the oil extraction to the platform on the wellhead and other systems into flocculants, scale inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, demulsifiers and other liquid.

2. Boiler dosing system: Can be used for boiler feed water with ammonia and ammonia, condensed water with ammonia and ammonia, shutdown protection with ammonia and ammonia, and add steam boiler phosphate, mainly for power plants and power plants.

3. Water treatment dosing system: In the water treatment for tap water, waste water, sewage. Mainly used for water supply and drainage, environmental protection and other processes. Such as water plants, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, sewage treatment plants and so on.

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