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Cutting Oil Filter/Coolant Filtration System

  • LG-QX200



Product Description

Working Principle
1.The equipment consists of four systems: magazine filtration, air flotation device, ozone device, and oil-water separation.
2. Impurity filtration system: It can be filtered through 75-150 micron wire mesh filter. It can be installed with 5 micron filter according to customer's requirements.
3. Air flotation device: After the water filtered by the impurity filtration system enters the oil-water separation tank, the small particulate matter and the dispersed oil particles are accelerated above the page by the air flotation device.

4. Ozone device: In the oil-water separation tank, the ozone gas is evenly mixed into the water body through the air flotation device to play the role  of sterilization, disinfection and bleaching, which can effectively deodorize.

  Oil-water separation: The oil floating on the liquid surface is quickly separated by the air flotation device to achieve the purpose of oil- water separation.

Cutting Oil Filter/Coolant Filtration System

Main Function
The cutting fluid filter is recycled and reused, and the used cutting fluid filter is used for filtration sterilization, deodorization, and removal of mechanical impurities such as oil stains and solid particles in the cutting fluid to meet the requirements for machining lathe use. During the use of the cutting fluid, a large amount of oil is formed by the penetration of the rail oil, the grease, etc., and a large amount of powder and particulate impurities are generated during the cutting and cutting process. Therefore, a large number of harmful bacteria such as anaerobic bacteria are produced, and the use of the cutting fluid to odor and the need to replace and treat the waste cutting fluid after the deterioration causes a lot of inconvenience to the production, and the cutting fluid filter can well handle such problems.
Cutting Oil Filter/Coolant Filtration System

Application Range

This system is fully compatible with soluble oils, semi-synthetic and synthetic coolants. It is used to remove contaminants from your metalworking fluid. It will kill bacteria, deodorization, removal of solid particles and other mechanical impurities in used coolant fluid, to achieve the requirement of CNC lathe use.

Technical Parameters

No. Item Parameter
1 Model LG-QX200
2 Flow 1000L/H
3 Power Consumption(KW) 0.5KW
4 Liquid Temperature 10-60 ºC
5 Air Pressure >02.MPa
6 Vacuum Degree >-0.02MPa
7 Dimension 1100*500*1100mm
8 Power 220v/50HZ
9 Noise Level ≤68dB
10 Connection 1/2"
11 Filtration Accuracy 75-150um
12 Material SS304
13 Oil Degreasing Rate >95%
14 Sterilizing Device Ozone plus aeration device, deodorization and disinfection
15 Control PLC/ Manual
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