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RP Serial Rotary Lobe Pump

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Product Description


Brief Introduction:

Rotary Lobe Pump is a positive displacement pump, which has two rotors in the pump head. The two rotors fixed on two shafts and rotate syn-chronically in counter direction. The rotation creates vacuum volume on the inlet side. The liquid is sucked into the pump head and travels around in the chamber between the rotor and the pump head casing, and is forced out on the outlet side.



  • All parts of the pump in contact with transported materials are made of Stainless Steel and meet sanitation standards.

  • Easy for cleaning. It has good CIP (clean-in-place) and SIP (steam-in-place) feature.

  • High efficiency, reliability, corrosion resistance and can transfer liquid with particles and viscosity up to 1,000,000 cps.

  • Output flow is constant and stable.

  • All models with mechanical seal flushing.

  • Different materials for the balance mechanical seals: SiC-Tungsten Carbide, SiC-SiC, Tungsten Carbide-Tungsten Carbide.

  • Different drives for options:stepless speed reducer, fixed ratio reducer, variable frequency motor, explosion proof motor, etc.





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