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Metering Pump Digital Stroke Controller

  • ZDCC-2



Product Description



Metering pump stroke controller can achieve 0-100% manual/automatic metering pump stroke length locally/remotely, through the percentage of manual input or received control signal, automatically adjust the stroke position to adjust the metering pump stroke length, and finally adjust the metering pump output flow, to achieve the purpose of automatic control Stroke controller with local percentage and analog flow (based on calibrated flow conversion) display, control adjustment and maintenance is easy.

  Main Features:

  • Adjustment range: 0-100%.

  • No external auxiliary control equipment is required.

  • Automatic stroke adjustment does not affect pump pulse.

  • High adjustment precision, and provide flow calibration function.

  • Highly integrated, saving operation and maintenance costs.

  • Automatic and manual mode conversion can be realized.

  • Automatic position feedback after adjustment.

  • Stroke position automatically locks in case of unexpected power failure.

  • Large LCD - Set percentage, actual percentage, analog flow display.

  • Modular design, suitable for the full range of metering pump products.

Technical Parameter:

  • Rated voltage: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz

  • Power: 25 w

  • Hold torque: 9Nm

  • Adjusting speed: 0-100% (10 laps -100sec)

  • Control signal: 4-20mA

  • Feedback signal: 4-20mA

  • Large SCREEN LCD: Set percentage, actual percentage, simulated flow

  • Output accuracy: ±0.5%F.S

  • Flow value display accuracy :± 1.5% (100% at full scale)

  • Protection level: IP65

  • Insulation grade: F

  • Operating temperature :-20 -- 50℃

  • Relative humidity: 90% (at 25℃)

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