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Metering Pump Digital Stroke Controller

  • ZDC-1

Product Description


Metering pump stroke controller is controlled by a micro-processor, with variable stroke length to adjust the pump flow. The controller can be adapted to a variety models of LIGAO metering pumps. The metering pump stroke controller can be adjusted according to the stroke length and the optimal adjustment range of stroke length is 0% ~ 100%. Digital tube display a variety of operating conditions and alarm. 

  Main Advantage:

  • Adjustment range: 0-100%         

  • Remote controll and automatic controll

  • Percentage display     

  • Position feedback

  • High accurancy         

  • 4-20mA /RS485 signal controll

  • Low maintenacne cost                                

Technical Parameter:

  • Ambient temperature: 0-50℃   

  • Protection level:  IP65

  • Power: 28 W

  • Voltage: 220V±10%,50Hz, single pahse   

  • Humidity: 90% (25℃)

  • Input signal: 4-20mA( Impedance 120Ω)     

  • Output signal: 4-20mA( Impedance 100-150Ω )

  • Adjusting speed: 0.5R/Minute   

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