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Steelseries Wireless Gaming Headsets with Quality Sound

Even though the device belongs to the cheap wireless headsets category of bluetooth headphones, the “cheap” in the Steelseries arctis 7 wireless gaming headset refers only to its price, rather than its quality.

In this article, you will learn more about one of the major features of the Steelseries headset that make it popular among many consumers around the world: its crisp and clear audio quality.

A combination of two technologies make the audio quality of these best gaming headsets anything but cheap. The first is called AudioIQ2 and the second is called WindSmart. What do these two technologies do to achieve the amazingly clear sound quality for the Steelseries gaming headset?

The first technology, called AudioIQ2, basically relies on two very small and discreet microphones. Each one is designed to pick up and recognize a specific sound source signal. One of the microphones “listens” to human voice. The other microphones listens to ambient noise (i.e., noise from the environment, such as wind, the rustle of leaves, the music from you car stereo, and so on).

The two microphones capture both sound types, then a microprocessor analyze the sounds to distinguish the human voice from the other sounds. The analysis and processing is done in a microchip designed for this purpose. Once processing is done, the non-voice sounds are eliminated so that only the human voice remains, and then the vocal sound is fed to the earpiece. The result? Crystal quality voice.

The second technology is called WindSmart and is primarily designed to filter out the most common and the most annoying noise experienced by users of Steelseries arctis 3 gaming headset: wind noise. WindSmart has three layers that screen out wind and other types of noise. The outermost layer is the stainless-steel mic screen. Just right below that is a layer of specially-engineered fabric for filtering wind sounds. The last layer is a microchip that performs electronic sound filtering.

With the powers of AudioIQ2 and WindSmart technologies combined, the Steelseries headset can practically eliminate up to about 80 percent of ambient sounds and noise, even in locations or circumstances in which such sounds are abundant. For gaming headsets such as this one, you probably couldn’t ask for anything more.