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The 4th China Guangzhou International Pump Valve Pipe Fittings Exhibition

The 4th China Guangzhou International Pump and Valve Pipe Fittings Exhibition (CPVPE2009), which is hosted by China Environmental Science Association, Guangzhou Environmental Protection Industry Association and Guangdong Bochang Exhibition Company, will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Hall on September 10, 2009.
In the Guangdong economy began a comprehensive strong recovery, Guangzhou to meet the Asian Games, municipal construction in full swing in two environments, the fluid industry manufacturers have to use Guangzhou pump pipe pipe fittings to seize the South China market, which CPVPE2009 unprecedented, setting the largest in the years and pattern. It is reported that so far, the Organizing Committee has completed all the fluttering work on schedule. There are manufacturers, distributors and agents from China, the United States, France, Korea, Singapore and other countries and regions in the field of fluid technology exhibitors, such as Emerson, Neway, Ebara machinery, resistance Chi, South, New Territories, cover Tweed, Europe, Fu Le, Huayi, etc., when they will bring their latest pump valve products and technology debut exhibition.
According to the organizing committee responsible person, the current pump valve investment situation is quite optimistic. There will be through foreign associations, chambers of commerce and other groups of buyers to come to visit Qiadan; also organized by the Association of the Association to visit the purchase orders. The current pre-registered audience at home and abroad has reached 15,535 people, it is estimated that the pre-registration will reach 23,000 people before the opening of the majority of buyers are full of confidence and expectations of this exhibition, repeatedly e-mail, call to come to the exhibition related to the situation, such as Accommodation arrangements, the convening of seminars and so on.
The exhibition to take the pump + valve + pipe + pipe + fluid engineering of the new exhibition area pattern, through strong integration, to seize the Guangdong economy began a comprehensive strong recovery, Guangzhou to greet the green, municipal construction of the two major opportunities to make the exhibition scale, grade and impact upgrade. For the Eleventh Five-Year manufacturing structure adjustment and industrial upgrading to provide fluid industrial technology and equipment, to promote China's valve, the rapid development of the fluid industry has made a positive contribution. CPVPE2009 will be an exciting event, will be a more exciting fluid technology event.
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