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Insurance institutions equity and real estate investment or will be a substantial gate

Although the insurance agencies to participate in stock index futures are still no timetable, but for the asset allocation of pressure on the insurance company, the most realistic is the equity investment and real estate investment channels. In the first half of the work held last week at the meeting, the relevant departments of the CIRC official said, equity investment and real estate investment policy will soon be released. This is the insurance regulatory authorities on the two major investment channels of the latest caliber. The following are the same as the "
In fact, the insurance industry to increase the cost of access, new premium allocation pressure, investment income has plummeted in the dilemma, the insurance industry for new investment channels to open the voice is rising. The relevant departments of the CIRC also admitted that this year is the most difficult year of insurance funds allocation. And investment in real estate investment, you can optimize the insurance assets of the assets and liabilities of the long-term match, smooth rate of return fluctuations, reduce the insurance company to invest in operational risk, increase long-term gains. The following are the same as the "
Some analysts pointed out that the investment in commercial real estate, for example, the rate of return of about 5% -8%, much higher than the current average rate of return on insurance funds. And investment is not listed on equity investment, for the insurance institutions, the Bo is the future value of the enterprise found in order to achieve the listing of enterprises in the value of growth. It is understood that the two new channels open early, the CIRC will mainly select some of the domestic management and management practices, investment ability, can effectively control the risk of insurance institutions to pilot. At present, China Life Insurance, China Ping An, China Pacific Insurance and China Insurance and other insurance giants, are already in the layout.