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Promote the development of enterprises with innovation - notation

September 25 morning, Taizhou Municipal Committee, Linhai municipal party committee secretary Ke Xinye, vice mayor Chen Fuqing and his party came to our company to guide the work. Ke Shuji and his entourage first inspected the production workshop, and our company head Chen Daoguo carried out in-depth conversation. Ke Xinye secretary fully affirmed the high innovation of the high resistance of the pump industry. He pointed out that innovation is an inexhaustible motive force for enterprise development, only through continuous innovation, master the core technology, to occupy the commanding heights of the market. Chen Daqiu, general manager also said: Zhejiang Li Gao Pump Technology Co., Ltd. as an innovative pilot enterprises in Zhejiang Province, we will actively respond to the municipal party committee called the innovation drive into a more prominent position up to continuous innovation to promote business transformation and development, Promote enterprises to do better and stronger.