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Customer complaint handling system

1, the purpose: to create a good corporate image, safeguard the interests of customers, so that customers receive complaints in a timely manner to ensure that the company issued the objectives of the successful completion of the development of this system.
2, the scope of application: the enterprise's product quality, sales activities, after-sales service activities and all customer-related products and services activities.
3, customer complaints handling the implementation of the "first asked system."
3.1 After-sales service department is directly responsible for handling customer complaints, and set up a person responsible for handling.
3.2 Complaint Tel: 0576-85512622 18968587070
3.3 The complainant should be warm and polite to receive customer complaints, earnestly record the views and content of complaints, contacts, contact information. (See "After-sales service and customer complaint handling record")
3.4 After receiving the complaint, the sales staff should immediately start the investigation, according to the actual situation, decide whether to send people to the scene investigation, or for a detailed explanation, and immediately report to the department head.
3.5 customer complaints metering pump quality problems, immediately in accordance with the "after-sales service operation process" (see annex).
3.6 According to the results of after-sales service troubleshooting quality inspection, technical department, production department, the case of large quality problems reported to the company leadership.
3.7 General Complaints After-sales service first time to deal with; important complaints business in a week to deal with; major complaints within a week transferred to Zongjing Ban handle.
3.8 All claimants are not allowed to conceal and dispose of customer complaint materials, otherwise they will bear the corresponding responsibility.
3.9 in accordance with the results to fill out the "after-sales service and complaints handling records", in duplicate, after-sales service and file room each save a copy.
4, after-sales service is responsible for one or two times a year to conduct customer satisfaction survey, according to the survey results will be collated information, feedback to the business or functional departments.
5, this system by the company's leadership and after-sales service department is responsible for the interpretation.