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Quality three bags of service commitment

1. Purpose
To further improve the quality of post-market feedback on the quality of the handling of the norms, the timely elimination and processing of product failure or product failure on the impact of customers to prevent failure to occur again to ensure that the company's product quality and service reputation and win customer satisfaction.
2, the scope of application
This specification applies to the company has signed and / or have business to customers to the sale of three bags of service.
3, power and responsibility
After-sales service for the handling of three packs of services after the leading sector.
4, quality indicators
4.1 Main implementation criteria:
GBT 7782-2008 "metering pump"
ISO9906 / 2 "Pump acceptance test procedures" (C level)
SD204-98 "pump installation technical specifications"
GB50275-98 "pump installation engineering construction and acceptance of norms"
GB / T50102-2003 "Code for Design of Industrial Circulating Cooling Water"
4.2 Other reference standards:
GB50231 "General specification for construction and acceptance of mechanical equipment installation works"
GB50205 "steel structure construction, installation and acceptance of norms"
GB50221 "steel structure engineering quality inspection and evaluation standards"
SZ-06-99 "Drainage engineering mechanical and electrical equipment installation quality inspection and evaluation standards"
GB50278-98 "lifting equipment installation engineering construction and acceptance of norms"
GB / T 50050-1995 "Code for design of industrial circulating cooling water treatment"
GB / T 50102-2003 "Industrial Circulating Water Cooling Design Code"
CJ / T3061-1996 "Solvent Mixing Equipment for Water Treatment"
GB150-1998 "steel pressure vessel"
GB150-1998 "steel pressure vessel"
CJ / T3061-1996 "Solvent Mixing Equipment for Water Treatment"
SHJ 16-90 "Code for Design of Circulating Water Field in Petrochemical Enterprises"
JB2932-86 "water treatment equipment manufacturing technical conditions"
GB / T4720-1984 "low-voltage electrical control equipment"
GB985-88 "gas welding, manual arc welding and gas protection welding groove groove of the basic form and size"
GB8923-88 "before coating steel surface corrosion grade and rust level"
GB9115-88 "welded steel flange"
ZBJ04005-87 "Penetration test method"
ZBJ98003-87 "Technical Requirements for Paint Packaging of Water Treatment Equipment"
ZBJ98004-87 "Water treatment equipment raw materials into the factory inspection"
5, three packs of service content
5.1 three packs of responsibility
1) customer responsibility for the use of the three packs of business: from the customer to receive our contract products, as well as in the customer's processing or use, until the customer products in the delivery of their users before the occurrence of our product problems;
2) Customer's use of three packs of responsibility: from the customer's products to the customer's customers, as well as in the customer's processing or use of the user, until the customer's product quality assurance period occurred in our product bad problem.
5.2 Where the following provisions are in the scope of our liability, resulting in damage to personnel or property, damage, we have to bear the working hours, materials, travel expenses, customer claims and all the actual costs incurred:
 1) problems arising from defects in the design, manufacture or packaging of the contracted product and the problems arising from the transport and storage processes;
2) customers in the inspection and acceptance found that the product failed, confirmed by both sides, we should bear the customer in the inspection and acceptance occurred in the relevant costs;
3) because of our design defects caused by the problem, even if I provide customers with drawings, and has been confirmed by the customer, it can not be exempt from our design defects;
4) due to our quality problems caused by customers or customers of the user to stop or stop or stop the loss;
5) due to our quality problems caused by the customer's customers to our customers or our three packs of costs;
6) due to our quality problems caused by the user's vehicle was recalled when all the costs incurred;
7) the cost of travel, insurance and other expenses incurred by the customer in order to deal with the customer's complaint if necessary;
8) the quality of the goods within the quality assurance period after the sale of the contract,
9) after the sale of the contract product, although the quality assurance period, but because of poor quality of the contract product damage to the interests of users;
10) due to poor quality of contract products cause major accidents;
11) due to poor quality of contract products so that customers and users of the corporate image and product reputation was damaged;
12) we have not notified or without the consent of the customer, and the contract product without engineering changes;
13) Quality problems caused by our other responsibilities.
5.3 Three packs of the calculation of the standard
Customers in the assembly process found that our case of bad products, the three packs of the amount of the amount of calculation criteria:
Three packs of costs = {purchase price of parts (excluding tax) × number of defective goods × D + purchase price (excluding tax) of scrap with spare parts or sales price of self-made parts (excluding tax) + rework,
5.4 Customer management factor
1) Determine the management factor for the quarter as a result of our nonperforming rate
Last quarter supply defect rate ≤ 50ppm: D = 1.2
Last quarter supply defect rate> 50ppm: D = 1.5
 2) due to our product quality causes customer product rework, rework, the rework, rework costs calculation criteria:
Rework, rework costs = rework, rework hours × 50 yuan / hour;
3) due to the quality of our products caused by customer machine scrap, three bags of the amount of money = machine sales price (excluding tax);
4) due to the quality of our products caused by customer downtime, stop line, according to customer downtime, the direct loss of the cost of stopping;
5) We have not been able to meet the needs of our customers in order to meet the needs of our customers. If the customer has to meet the requirements of the production and purchase of the substitute (if ordered from abroad), the difference between the product price and Additional charges (customs duties, transportation, customs clearance, foreign trade agents and insurance costs) are borne by us;
6) The above three packs of costs include the failure of our products due to customer failure caused by customer fault investigation and testing and identification costs.
5.5 customers in the use of the three packs of costs
1) the direct costs incurred by the customer's customer's three packs of liability include: travel, transportation, insurance and other expenses:
A. Travel expenses are calculated on the basis of the amount of reimbursement of actual travel expenses on the basis of the relevant provisions of the travel expenses;
B. The transportation and insurance costs are calculated on the basis of the actual amount incurred.
2) the actual cost of the repair process (including testing test analysis fee) joint loss:
A. Replacement of parts costs = parts of the market price (including tax) + rework costs. Or the sales price of the self-made parts (excluding tax) + rework costs. (At the customer by 50 yuan / hour, at the user by the actual amount of calculation);
B. If the machine is scrapped, the cost is the sales price (excluding tax) of the whole machine.
3) In the event of batch failure or serious quality failure caused by our liability, the three packs of responsibility for batch troubleshooting or replacement shall be made, and the cost of joint liability shall be calculated in addition to the three packs according to the above terms. If the customer to ensure that the customer's production, procurement of alternatives (such as orders from abroad), the difference and the additional costs borne by us.
4) Customer's cash compensation to customers' customers.
5) special provisions
A. Without the customer recognition, our products unauthorized changes in engineering, we pay customers 5,000-20000 yuan liquidated damages;
B. Due to our quality reasons caused by bulk (≥ 30 copies) of the parts returned or in the engine or vehicle replacement, or cause the customer's customer downtime / stop line, causing strong customer complaints, in addition to the above Three bags of responsibility, depending on the size of its bad batch size and severity, I pay the customer to pay 10,000 yuan -5 million three packs of costs. For the repeated batches of bad, three bags of cost increased by 1 times;
C. Due to our responsibility to cause the customer to complete the product of a serious batch of quality accidents, the customer has a significant impact on the credibility, or lead to product recall, we have to pay to customers 1-5 million loss of credit.
5.6 Three Guarantees of the trial and judgment
1) We shall, within 5 working days after receipt of the customer 's "Three Guarantees of Quality" notice, notify the customer of the results of the three - pack liability and the fee.
2) If we have not responded or have not objected, the Client shall be deemed to have agreed to the three packs of liability and expenses;
3) When we have any objection to the three packs of liability and expenses mentioned by the above customers, the customer will consult with us.
5.7 Three packs of the cost of payment
Three Guarantees costs after the two sides identified, the customer issued to us three bags of payment notice, we should be within 30 days in one of the following ways to pay three packs of money:
A: cash payment;
B: deducted from our money.
5.8 Treatment of defective products
1) defective goods in principle by our recycling. Customers to carry out temporary custody of defective products, and promptly notify us to take back, we should reply within a week to recover the views. If we refuse to take back or within 30 days from the date on which the customer informs us, we can not consider that we have given up the defective product and we will give up the right of quality, and the customer has the right Implementation of the treatment, we no longer object to the objection;
2) the relevant costs incurred by us in recovering the defective goods are self-governing by us;
3) If we have any difficulty in recovering the defective product, we may entrust the client to assist us in handling the return of the defective product. The expenses incurred shall be borne by us.