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Quality integrity management responsibilities

1, management commitment
    In order to meet customer needs more effectively, the general manager decided to establish a quality management system, appoint a manager representative, under the leadership of the general manager, to establish a documented quality management system and ensure its effective implementation. The general manager makes a commitment to the customer through the following related activities:
A) continue to strengthen their own quality awareness. Take the training, publicity materials or meetings to convey to all staff to meet the customer and the relevant laws and regulations of the importance of the staff to understand the effective operation of the quality system and the operation of the way to ensure that the quality system continues to effectively carry out;
B) develop quality guidelines and quality objectives. The formation of our plant the purpose of quality, so that staff clearly the direction of quality and quality of the goal;
C) Conduct management review. Conduct a management review of the quality management system on a regular or irregular basis to ensure that the system continues to be adequate and effective;
D) Provide the necessary resources (including human, financial, material, technical, etc.) for the establishment, implementation and improvement of the system.
2, to focus on customers
2.1 The purpose of the work of the company is "customer-centric, to ensure that customers are the first beneficiaries." Take self-assessment and customer assessment methods or ways to listen to customer feedback and summarize the performance to continuously identify and determine the needs and expectations of customers, through quality activities will be transformed into customer specific requirements (including products, services, process quality management System and other requirements), improve product quality and service quality, to meet customer needs.
2.2 When the existing quality management system and process can not meet customer requirements, the organization should carry out product planning process re-planning. Through the market research, forecasting and customer feedback on the needs and expectations of the analysis, combined with the consideration of production and related laws and regulations, in particular, involving health, safety, environmental and other requirements, in the management review to supplement the provisions or amendments, To meet customer requirements.
3, quality policy
According to the quality policy, developed a quality management system quality objectives.
Through training, education and other forms so that all employees understand, familiar with, implement, the implementation of quality policy and quality objectives. To ensure the quality policy, the realization of quality objectives, the company implemented internal audit, management review and other activities, its implementation and whether appropriate and effective assessment, evaluation.
4, planning
4.1 Quality objectives
   According to the framework of the company's quality policy and the company's production and operation of the object and the actual situation, the top management planning and development of the quality objectives and quality system decomposition goals.
4.2 quality planning
In order to meet the requirements of the contract, the Company conducts quality planning activities. content include:
A) the preparation of quality plans;
B) identify and equip the necessary controls, processes, equipment (including inspection and testing equipment) processes, resources and skills;
C) ensure compatibility with production, service, inspection and testing procedures and related documentation;
D) determine the appropriate validation at the appropriate stage of product formation;
E) Identify and prepare quality records.
Normally, the quality of the production plan is carried out according to the quality manual, program documentation and operating procedures. When there is a new product contract, the company should re-quality planning activities to meet the new product contract requirements.