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Safety Relief Valve

Product number:26

Shelf time:2019-05-27

Product model:


   Ligao safety relief valve and back pressure valve help to relieve excess pressure on the pump system or maintain pressure at a setted point .Safety relief valve is installed on the outlet pipeline of metering pump. When the system pressure becomes abnormal, safety relief valve protects metering pump from any damages. Back pressure valve shall be installed at the outlet of metering pump in order to reduce siphon and excess feeding, and ensure the metering accuracy of metering pump is not affected, when dosing point is lower than the outlet of metering pump.

  Each valve is diaphragm type with 2-port design, which can be used both as safety relief valve and back pressure valve.


Material: PVC; PTFE; SS304;SS316or 316L;Carbon Steel

Connection size: DN6,DN8,DN10,DN15,DN20,DN25,DN32,DN40,DN50,DN65,DN80,DN100

Pressue range: 0-1Mpa (PVC,PTFE)

            0-3Mpa(SS304,SS316,Carbon Steel/DN6~DN15)

            0-2.5Mpa(SS304,SS316,Carbon Steel/DN20~DN25)

            0-2Mpa(SS304,SS316,Carbon Steel/DN25~DN65)

            0-1Mpa(SS304,SS316,Carbon Steel/DN80~DN100)

Connection type: Female thread ,Flange,glue union