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JDR Plunger Metering Pump

  • JDR
  • 92-6050 L/H
  • 8-500 Bars

Product Description



   JDR series plunger type metering pump is designed for flow and high pressure dosing. The Max pressure can up to 50Mpa. The liquid end is coated ceramic from SS316 piston. The plunger packing seal is PTFE compressed by SS316 gland ring to grantee the high pressure and for extended life with minimal leakage. JDR motor can be both vertically and horizontally mounted. Multiplex gear boxes with one motor drive and pump base is available. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, mining, shipbuilding, light industry, agriculture, national defense department and etc. 


  • Flow rate can be adjusted via unique adjusting mechanism from 0-100%;

  • The adjustment can be carried when pump is in operation or at stop;

  • The steady accuracy is ±1% from 30%-100% of the maximum output;

  • Automatic operation is achieved by variable speed drive;

  • Special application for high temperature or low temperature is available with cooling jacket or heating jacket;


  • Pump head: SS304,SS316;

  • Pump case: Cast Iron;

  • Plunger: Ceramic or SS316 coated with ceramic;

  • Packing seal: PTFE and SS316 Ring;

  • Valves: SS304,SS316;

  • Valve Ball: SS304,SS316, Ceramic;

Power Supply:
Power:  5.5kw IEC132 4 pole Motor

380V 3 phase on standard or other voltage on request; EX-proof motor is available on request.



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